Orecchiette is a kind of homemade pasta typical of Puglia.  Our vegan orecchiette are made only with premium Italian durum wheat flour. This authentic Southern style pasta shape is traditionally served with a variety of sauces.


1. Put a pan of water on to boil. Once it's come to the boil, salt generously.

2. Add the Orecchiette and cook for 5 minutes.

3. Drain and serve straight away.

Serving & Tips:

Our advice is to heat up our lentil ragù sauce in a pan, add some grated nutmeg and then transfer the Orecchiette straight into the pan with the sauce, toss well, and serve.

We would recommend using the same weight of pasta, to sauce. If you need to, you can add some of the cooking water to the pan before you serve. Sprinkle with Pastan Parmesan for en even better experience A drizzle of balsamic glace really rocks this dish!